DIY Picture Decor with Coffee Beans

DIY Picture Decor with Coffee Beans

Here is a really great idea to add some really fresh smells to your home and also give you some beautiful home decor. And to top it all off this DIY Picture Decor with Coffee Beans is actually very simple to make.

Materials Required:
Coffee beans;
Coffee powder;
Clear tape and white tape;
Empty plastic bottle;
Dried lemon slice,star anise, rolled cinnamon stick or other flavored ornaments;
Picture frame, burlap, or 4 small bamboo sticks and ropes.


1. Get all the materials and tools ready.

2. Slice the plastic bottle into about half, take the top half, slice it in half again and slice bottle neck off.

3. The plastic bottle piece will be the main portion of the cup. Then slice pieces of cardboard to form the bottom and back of the cup.

4. Join every single piece all together and connect them all with tape.

5. Surround the cup with white tape.

6. Slice out cardboard pieces for the saucer.

7. Put glue onto the front of the cup and put some coffee powder on it.

8. Do the same with the saucer.

9. Apply glue again to the front of the cup and glue the coffee beans on it.

10. Make sure you do the same thing with the saucer.

11. Later on once the glue is completely dry, make sure you attach the coffee cup and saucer with the wood panel and this is where you make a wall decor. Make sure you use the other favored ornaments to decorate the whole thing.

12. If you like you can also attach the coffee cup and saucer to a piece of something to hold it in place like burlap and wrap together 4 small bamboo sticks with some ropes. Enjoy!

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